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    Telecom, Media, Technology

RankOne is a Management Consultancy that works as an advisory and an interim management partner to firms in the Technology, Telecom and Services sectors.

We are a group of technology, media, telecom services business executives and intrapreneurs who have built several company divisions, scaled post startup units and created new businesses by bringing together expertise, resources and partnership into all aspects of managing a company in an increasingly global and competitive marketplace.  We are active managers that collaborate in both strategy, funding and operations, with an objective to help SME businesses and new age digital firms grow and scale.

We bring expertise in the following three areas:

  • Strategy: We have worked on several programs and transformations for large firms in telecom, technology and new age digital media by assisting in direction setting, developing differentiated positioning in the market and helping to raise funding.
  • Marketing, business development and growth: RankOne Network Partners/ Principals have run businesses in India, Europe, Asia and Australia. We bring expertise in entering and growing new market spaces, geographies and incubating new business models.
  • Interim executive team: We have deployed best practices in business technology, operations, people management and business development through our team of interim executives. As interim managers we offer better value, impactful results and a risk/reward approach to collaboration. A proven executive team that is not encumbered by internal politics, turf wars and win/lose situations can help guide and achieve better outcomes for companies. We have deployed best practices in tech., operations, people management, business dev, through our global team of interim executives.

These three points are not just a statement of purpose, we have actually done this for our affiliate partners, clients, entrepreneurs and collaborators. We have achieved real results: from starting-up, sourcing funds, gaining clients to helping develop operating principles, best practices and systems to enable scale/growth of the businesses.

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