• Consulting Experience

    100+ man years
  • Innovation Award

    Enterprise Architecture
  • Experienced Team

    Telecom, Media, Technology

RankOne is a Management Consultancy that works as an advisory and interim management partner to firms in the Telecom and Technology sectors.

We offer services in the following sectors:
• Telecom
• Education
• Cybersecurity
• Digital Businesses
• Technology & IT Services

We partner with emerging and SME firms to scale and grow their businesses – not just by sitting on Boards as Independent Directors or by helping raise capital but by getting involved on real issues and operational matters – from supplementing leadership and managerial capability on interim/short term basis to driving organic or in organic growth to building partnerships and so on.
We have no pre-conceived rules and conditions about our services – we are happy to work as partners to the business in the role useful and for any length of time. We are able to bring expertise and resources to help to the extent needed in every way necessary – in the form that is most effective and as maybe appropriate.

We mostly work with private firms and businesses.