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RankOne Affiliates are partners in our success. Many of our affiliates are supported by our interim managers by way of their time and hands on engagement, some others are investments, while others are joint partners in our ongoing engagements and projects/programs.

Our affiliate partners are usually the firms that seek our services and the ones that we invest our (or our extended team’s) capabilities, time/money and reputation in.

Typically, our affiliate partners may have sought some (OR) all of the following from us,

  • Interim management and advisory services
  • Assistance with capital Investments, M&As
  • Strategic partnerships and alliances network
  • Business Technology solutions and services

If you are an Entrepreneur or a Business Leader or a Business CxO, who is running a company or a business practice or a function and may want to partner/affiliate with us via any of our services, please have your EA/secretary leave us a note here,

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