• Consulting Experience

    100+ man years
  • Innovation Award

    Enterprise Architecture
  • Experienced Team

    Telecom, Media, Technology

We engage with companies as partners in their business and the process is simple and direct.

The Process

The companies that we help/collaborate with, use our services for very specific engagements and are selected by us based on our willingness to invest some of –

  • Our Principals’ time, reputation and investments,
  • Our Network Relationships for funding, business expansion, alliances & partnerships,
  • Our Experience and expertise,
  • AND  our Performance commitments.

We like to partner with emerging SME companies that:

  • Have a track record of value/differentiation driven performance
  • Intend to leverage digital technology to scale and expand
  • Seek expertise & skills in building (inorganically/organically): global sales and marketing expansion, raising capital, adopting best practices in enterprise/business architecture, acquiring companies and developing strategic alliances, etc.

Target industries: Companies that are operating in high growth markets, including in:

  • Technology, Telecom Services
  • Professional/IT Services
  • Media (Information/Marketing) Services
  • Education Technology
  • Digital Business Services

Target markets include, Telecom Business/Service Platforms, Industry vertical specific  Cloud/SaaS Offerings, Storage and Internet Technologies, Big Data/Analytics, EduTech and ML/AI.

Areas of mutual fit  Include, assisting in building out a workable, strategic plan to achieve real goals (not theoretical projections), developing technology solutions to business objectives, supplementing existing leadership on strategic activities, providing/helping to raise capital, driving organic or inorganic growth, building partnerships and more.

To help establish  the required capabilities and deliver desired impact, we collaborate with the designated leaders of the companies we service to build forward together. To help achieve this from within the company, our Principals  are on-boarded as Interim Managers to address specific needs and to drive the  projects and programs, that will deliver desired outcomes.

Next Steps

Once we have mutually seen the possible alignment of what a company may need and our ability to help towards that end, either side has clarity on mutual goals/results desired, then it is a quick joint Go/No Go decision.

Companies and entrepreneurs who intend to explore our services and seek our team members as interim managers for strategic advice, funding assistance, project/execution delivery services, business technology, operational change programs etc. are associated with as Affiliates/Partners.

To know further about partnering with us and to explore next steps do drop us a note here