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RankOne’s business model is significantly influenced and scaled by the relationships, partnering and collaboration possible across traditional organizational and industry boundaries.

Many new age emerging firms are driven by the immense talent and skill potential to be tapped within the gig economy.

The network effect of leveraging specialized capabilities, solutions, services, partnerships and alliances that lie external to an organization, to achieve business results is a key component to this.

Industry Partners are any of the following marketplace players, who may be looking to seek our services directly or indirectly through collaborative projects.

  • Vertical Industry Firms & Industry/Professional Bodies
  • PE firms and VCs (private investors)
  • Incubators and Accelerators
  • E-Cells (Academic or Otherwise)
  • Alliances/Membership Bodies

If you are a VC/PE firm, an Incubator/Accelerator or E-cell or any other industry or marketplace participant looking to know more, then please Click here.

Network Partners (Gig economy consultants)

Professional managers, individuals who have vast experience in growing small, medium and large companies and have worked in our focus sectors and who may want to collaborate with RankOne as Independent Principals/Consultants to help solve problems, grow and scale other businesses then please Click here.

We shall call you back to discuss further and explore forward.