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    100+ man years
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    Enterprise Architecture
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    Telecom, Media, Technology

Why Are We Different?

As executives with an entrepreneurial streak we have created many businesses, divisions and growth/expansion strategies for our companies. We CONTINUE TO DO THIS through our current vehicle ā€“ RankOne, working with our partners and associates.

  • Conceived in 2013, founded thereafter we have a proven, demonstrated model and business engagements with excellent value delivery
  • We have clear, successful examples of our services for client firms & businesses, including those in pre-evaluation, execution, work in progress and ongoing steady state engagement and operating relationships
  • Some of us have been entrepreneurs ourselves and this helps us in providing workable and realistic solutions to challenges
  • We are not a Private Equity (PE) fund or a VC, though we also assist, advise and consult in collaboration with PE firms, who may use our services
  • If you (an entrepreneur) already have investors into the business, our process is complementary to their objectives and provides a valuable buffer to manage expectations on results and strategy ā€“ we offer practical, workable approaches

The varied nature of activities and challenges we have helped address include:

  • Translate real world experience of different industries and domains into useful, differentiated strategy
  • Deliver hands on experience and results on addressing challenges on the ground, as interim managers
  • A deep understanding of digital technologies and the opportunities to achieve transformation
  • Support your internal setup, your ecosystem and your employees during periods of change and uncertainty
  • Help you execute high impact programs as deeply involved consultants
  • Manage internal resistance to change and it’s resolution
  • Vision of the prospective opportunities and threats, how to navigate through risks and handle failure
  • Identify and build collaboration/partnering/alliance opportunities for your business

We assure you transparency, ethics and high standards, we deliver value in our consulting offerings. We deliver results and outcomes.

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References are available on request; our track record differentiates us!